TURTLE HATCHINGS: Breathing New Life

New Book
September 6, 2016

At one time, Bunny’s life seemed perfect. After her husband retired from the professional tennis circuit, where they traveled with their two children around the world, they packed up and moved to paradise, Florida. But when their sixteen-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, paradise quickly turned into a nightmare.
As the family drifted apart, Bunny put her faith in God and fought for her daughter’s life. Turtle Shells: Heading Through Cancer, a mother’s gripping memoir, is sure to tug at heart strings as she recounts her daughter’s battle against brain cancer and her fight to be happy again.

‘Turtle Shells shows us the unfailing love between this mother and daughter, as well as their profound faith, the kind of faith that makes it possible to endure the unendurable. This is a deeply moving, intimate, and ultimately inspiring portrait, a story that will stay with you.’

–Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times best selling author